Sunday, September 03, 2006

SRP #9: In the Shadow of No Towers

In the Shadow of No Towers

by Art Spiegelman

Pantheon: 2004, 42 pages.

The first half of the book was good, relevant to what one would think the book is all about, judging by the title and introduction. Spiegelman's artwork is slightly insane, as if you're looking through the eyes of a schizophrenic. The style is certainly appropriate considering the book's subject matter, and the tabloid-size pages meet the needs of this size-y subject.

However, the work lost it completely at the halfway point, where it veers off into a history of comics in the United States. Interesting, yes. But the divergence was unnecessary and really detracted from the 9-11 portion of the book.

Summer Reading Program Totals:

Books read: 9
Total pages read: 1933


At Wednesday, September 06, 2006 8:12:00 AM, Blogger Amy W. said...

We saw Spiegelman speak not long ago and he was indeed incredibly schizophrenic in his presentation - so I wonder if it's just a part of his personality. He spoke about the history of comics, and how it led up to him doing this book, so I wonder if it just got switched around.


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